a new mindset – healthy habits

hello old friend,

i am currently on school holidays- and it is the night before school. i have decided to adopt a few new “healthy habits” into my life, as i have been feeling unmotivated and sluggish, and i will come back to this post as a reinforcement.

  1. calculate my sleep

i have been using an app called SleepCycle. it not only calculates and displays the times in which you slept deeply, lightly or were awake, it also wakes you up in the ideal time between a half hour period. i love this, and it helps start my day off right

2. open a window

This is a bit random, but i’ve been loving opening my window and pulling up the blinds of a morning recently. i love the natural light that floods my room, and the Autumn air  is so fresh and crisp. love it.

3. eat breakfast!

Eatig breakfast always helps me curve eating junk, as well as improving my overall concentration at school. let the studies speak for themselves, too!

4. pack my own lunch

my school canteen has a very limited amount of vegan options- juice, overpriced fruit, chips and sketchy sushi. so, i am going to start packing: something a bit junk-y, fruit, carbs (a sandwhitch, roll, wrap or homemade sushi) and a drink of some description- wheather it’s kombucha, juice or even just water; which leads me to…


water is one of the most important things- we are made up of it!  not only does it do the basics like decrease viscosity of blood to reduce heart attack, it helps my skin to glow, and help me concentrate. today, i bought a 1.5L water bottle so I can have about 400mL in every class (I KNOW THAT’S A BIT OVER 1.5 I CAN DO MATH OKI)

6. don’t go straight on my phone after school

this is one of my worst habits, and i recently found out that it breaks the productive mindset we posses at school. this may be one of the hardest ones, but possibly the most helpful

7. go for a walk after study/homework

this will hopefully help to clear my head. while being productive for the whole afternoon is ideal, this tends to make me overwhelmed, and stressed. walking is, for me, a transition from productivity to chill time.

8. have “me-time”

weather that is doing yoga, reading, thinking, doing a face-mask or whatever else, this is one of the most important things! staying away from my phone and other similar distractions is so beneficial for your mental headspace.

9. utilise tea

i love tea. i think that there is a tea for everything, so
morning: Byron Bay Energy Tea
while studying: matcha (increases concentration)
after dinner: peppermint tea (improves digestion)
before bed: chamomile


10. candles

i am currently in LOVE with my DUSK Indian Masala Chai candle. i bought a 2-wick and a 3-wick because i love it so much! it is so relaxing and tranquilizing.


that’s my post! i will probably add to this list and do a follow-up, because i can tell that i have missed so much.

have a beautiful day/night,

xoxo, liv


Random – My vegan journey!

Well hello there 🙂

Today I will be sharing with you quite a controversial topic- my vegan journey as a 13-year-old. I will not be sharing anything that may “trigger” people, but if you’re against the idea, I will kindly ask you to click away, I’ll have some other posts up soon! Don’t forget to follow my blog too, it makes my day!

So, this whole “journey” started January 2016. I don’t know what officially sprouted the idea, but I made it my New Year’s Resolution to become Vegetarian. I did pretty well, considering I was only 12 at the time. But, like most resolution, it sort of crumbled. I started having little bits of meat here-and-there. I had very dramatically reduced my intake of meat, though. Then, queue April 6. I was scrolling through YouTube one day, when I came across none other than Freelee the Banana Girl. At first, I was put off by her intensity; in a state of ignorance and guilt. I’m not going to go into detail about the videos that I watched, you can check them out if you’d really like to (they’re quite graphic and intense). But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted to become vegan.


So, that weekend, I decided that I would finally push myself, and do it. I, the  bacon-obsessed 13-year-old girl, was going to become the first vegan in my family.

Hard doesn’t begin to explain my experience. Being the only one in my family that ate a vegan diet, I did my own cooking, shopping (on a budget), as well as balancing my first year of high school. I was constantly struggling to find new recipes and ideas so I wasn’t eating the same-old chili-con-carne & salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My mum naturally worried about everything- my protein, iron, and calcium intake. I was way out of my depth; clueless, but educated. So, I pushed on. I won’t lie, I wasn’t perfect. We all make mistakes. Sometimes I gave into that last slice of cake, or the bag of Twisties in the reduced section. But, after about a month, I stepped up my game. I went to the doctor to take a blood test, and it revealed that most of my levels (except B12, which I now know I should consume more of) were better than when I ate meat.

I don’t worry about calories, I eat mindfully. When I’m hungry, I ask myself ; “would you eat an apple right now?”
If the answer’s yes, then I eat, until I’m full. This helps reduce unnecessary food consumption based off of boredom, or emotion. I love this tactic, to be honest.

I will probably do an updated version of this in a few months, so once again, follow my blog!
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Thank you so much for reading

Xoxo- liv

Recipe- Roasted Vegetable Couscous

Hello, my loves!
So sorry I haven’t posted in the last few days; I’ve been incredibly busy with school!

So, I thought I’d share something me and my dad made a few nights ago- it was INCREDIBLY delicious!

It’s our very own Pearl Couscous with roasted vegetables!

Ingredients: (serves four)
2x 250g packet of pearl couscous (we used the Blu gourmet pearl couscous from coles)
250g of pitted, marinated olives (we used the tequila, chilli lime from coles)
1 capsicum
2 small onions
3 small carrots
1/2 a sweet potato
5 small potatoes
A few handfuls of almonds
olive oil
salt (I use pink himilayin)

Preheat your oven to 150*C (300*f) . Rougly chop all vegetables (except olives), and place them in a bowl. Add the olives, olive marinade, salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix with your hands. Grab handfuls of the mixture, and place it on a few baking trays. Sprinkle over some almonds. Roast for around 1.5 hours; I used a slow-roast method to achieve the best texture of vegetables.

Around 20 miniutes before your vegetables are done, cook your couscous according to the packet. Serve the roasted veg over a bed of couscous. I added a bit of spinach to my plate, but each to their own! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, short & sweet!
See you next time


FIRST REVIEW! – Lush, Herbalism

Welcome, welcome!!! This is my very first review, and it will be a product from my all-time favourite skin care company- Lush!

A bit of background info, my skin is naturally oily/combination, and I am prone to occasional breakouts- usually on my forehead, chin, temples and around my lips. When I first went into Lush in September of 2016, I was on a medication called Doxycycline, and using a prescribed gel called Epiduo for my acne, as I was very insecure about it. While it was effective, it untimately just dried everything out- including the skin. So, here I was, standing overwhelmed in a Lush store, patches of red, flaky skin burning on my face. A kind lady came up to me, and gave me a few products for my (at the time) dry, acne prone skin. I will share those products later, as I have been through 3 different cleansers, 5 masks and a whole lotta other stuff. But this post is dedicated to my current (and possibly favourite) Lush cleanser, HERBALISM.

Ok, I’ve read a few reviews on this cleanser, and none of them have addressed the smell. So I will. Not going to lie, when I first opened my (very stylish) Lush tub, I was overwhelmed. It stunk, not going to lie. But the benefits surely outweighed that, and I am almost fond of the scent right now. The thing I love most about Herbalism is the way it makes my skin feel. It is quite gentle at exfoliating, making it an ideal everyday cleanser. It’s colour is a beautiful shade of pale green, and I absolutely love the way it looks on my skin (I definitely feel like I’m channeling my inner-Shrek). One tub usually lasts me a bit over a month, and it retails at $17.50 AUD for 100g.

Here’s a link to the Herbalism cleanser at the Lush website


Hope you guys have a lovely day!
Xoxo, Liv

First Post!

Hi, hey hello! Welcome to my blog! My name’s liv, and I’m a 13 year old vegan from the East Coast of Australia. Here you will find recipes, reviews and other random posts! I also lovee photography, so I will be sharing a few of those with you!

I hope you have a good time!
Xoxo, Liv